Control and secure access to your company’s buildings with Cimag Access

With the software Cimag – Access you can implement  individual access authorizations depending on the building areas, user’s profile, and schedules, in order to ensure that only individuals with access rights are admitted in specific areas.

The web design our sofware enables a shared and secure control of entrances and exits, without limitations on the number of individuals, locations, or users.

Key Benefits of the Cimag Access Software:

  • Multi-site
  • Possibility of assigning temporary staff
  • Customized access for specific areas
  • Management of various events and situations (fire, trespassing…)
  • Access supervision
  • On-site integration of software and hardware solutions
  • Possibility to receive warnings and alerts by email and/or text messages

 Management of Access to Individuals:

  • Permanent employees: in addition to the on-site general access (depending on access rights), it is possible to assign temporary employees belonging to one of the company’s location L1 to another company’s location L2 (multi-site access).
  • Guests and providers: the application gives the company the possibility to manage, control and secure the access granted to guests having to spend a set period on site.
  • Visitors: visitors’ access management is included in the application and is carried out by filling in the information concerning the individuals visiting the location.

Management of Events Regarding the Company’s Security with a Continuous Surveillance of the Access Control Software

In order to ensure the company’s security, the software Cimag – Access allows you to manage various events through the following features:

  • Alarms management: identification of alarms which may be used in the company.
  • Management of opening and closing time slots: identification of access time slots associated with specific schedules which allows the opening and closing of doors.
  • Event resolution monitoring.
  • Access supervision and surveillance:
    • Detection of door states and alarms in real time.
    • Surveillance of factory flow: the software allows you to view  access attempts logging and individual authorization of entries and exits.
    • In the case of inopportune events, it is possible to configure warnings which will be automatically sent by email and/or text messages.

Access Control System and Access Securing Hardware

The various identification technologies and access securing hardware (such as keyboard input, badge readers, time clocks, clocking terminals, and fingerprints) combined with the door access control system enables the opening of doors, gates, and turnstiles, in accordance with the preestablished configuration of access rights. It will also inform the system of warnings detected (door unclosed, breached, etc.).

The standard interface from the time management solution Cimag– Attendance facilitates access management: Access rights to building are based on schedules and schedules of absences.

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