Simplify leave and absence management for your collaborators

With the Cimag Attendance – Leave and Absence Management module, you can review, book, manage and approve time off or absence requests (for predictive or regulatory purposes) through a web browser.

Implementing a structure to manage employees’ time off and absences makes the flow of information more accurate, reliable and simple, which leads to significant timesaving.

Employees can review their leave or paid time off (PTO) balance and available compensatory time, and request leaves online, from their computers or HR terminals.

By computerizing and digitizing the calculation of rules regarding leaves, you will avoid data entry errors. You will also be able to track and trace requests submitted and approvals granted.

Custom-Built Workflow for Leave Management

To better process leave requests, you can customize your workflow:

  • Possibility of setting different procedural requirements for approvals
  • Possibility to delegate rights
  • Employees can schedule their absences, review their situation
  • Managers can approve/deny requests, review their team’s schedule

Custom-Built Workflow for Leave Management

  • Alerts Management: send customized emails to inform employees or managers of various requests, approvals and/or denials
  • Create HR rules for rights and requests management: for instance, it is possible to create a rule to control that employees observe the mandatory number of days between the submission of the request and the starting date of the leave

Time Off HR Reports

  • Monitor leave time for each employee
  • Monitor trends in absenteeism rate
  • Possibility to customize querying tools to include other indicators

Cimag Attendance automates leave management once each manager has been accredited to approve or deny leave requests: compensatory time and all different types of leaves (annual leave, sick days, paid vacations, training leave, etc.)

On a daily basis, all employees can go over individual schedules and/or their department’s schedule, take a look at their balance, and submit leave requests.

Similarly, department managers can manage schedules, process leave applications, address discrepancies in employees clocking in and out times, and print various documents.

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